March 31, 2021

When did it become April again? The long Easter weekend is back, in what feels like a blink of an eye, and here we all still are, reading blog posts in our loungewear inhaling packs of mini eggs. Fear not, this post is here to help you have an Easter weekend to remember, one that next year you will look back on fondly and in great want as you return to celebrating as a family and small relatives swarm around you in a chocolate fuelled nightmare. 


Grazing boards. We just can’t stop obsessing over them. Charcuterie versions on TikTok, mini versions delivered to our door, themed ones for every occasion thinkable. This trend just doesn’t seem to want to die out and I’m totally ok with that. 

This long weekend is the perfect excuse to rustle one of these up. Whether enjoyed in the garden with a glass of fizz or sitting on the sofa watching a film, it is sure to go down a storm. 

Grab any serving tray or dish you can find, even a big dinner plate if that’s all you have. Then you want to start filling it. I like to have a mix of sweet and savoury on mine – crudites, houmous, charcuterie, olives, crackers and a nice chutney. Now on the sweet side, this is where you can get your Easter game on – chunks of hot cross bun, marshmallows, mini-eggs, actually anything egg shaped for that matter!, melted chocolate for dipping, berries… the list is never ending. The lovely thing about these is you can tailor them to you.

Charcuterie board


There are some incredible Easter cocktail kits flying around on Instagram right now but if you prefer to turn your hand to a touch of bartending why not give one of these a go! 

Honey Bee

1 single measure of bourbon

1 tsp honey (use chilli honey for a kick if you have it!)

1 twist of lemon rind

1 squeeze of lemon juice

Shake over ice

Chocolatini shots

2 Cream eggs (lop the top off, eat the middle, save the chocolate shell to serve)

1 single measure of Irish cream

1 single measure of Kahlua

Shake over ice, pour into your chocolate egg cups. Enjoy!


Easter weekend really is the perfect excuse to get cooking. I love planning meals out over the weekend – a fish dish for Good Friday, a few fun themed Easter brekkies and of course, the main event, the Easter Sunday lunch. You can really get creative! Ingredients like rhubarb, carrots, spring greens and leeks are all in season right now – those bright colours will really bring a punch to your dinner table. Highly extra like I am? Amp up your dishes even more with things like edible flowers and fresh herbs. Yes, everyone picks them off onto the side of their plates but they look lovely.

Change up your usual heavy roast with a few different sides like dauphinoise potatoes and some lemony spring greens or get your baking hat on and make my favourite, a rhubarb tart. If there is one thing you can be sure of, there will be plenty of chocolate for late night snacks!

Easter Dinner


You have the meal planned, you have the drinks poured but that Ikea dining table just isn’t inspiring you. Bring a bit of the hospitality industry to your home. Many of our favourite bars and restaurants are ones that have beautiful surroundings so bring a little bit of pizzazz into your home this April. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make a dining table look really special – first, pick a colour scheme, it’s Spring so opt for something colourful! Mixed pastels, mixed brights, greens, whites and yellows. Now, raid every room in your house for trinkets, vases, candles and tableware that match your scheme. 

If you can, add in some fresh flowers, I love tiny little wild flowers and they look lovely when popped into an assortment of bottles and vases. Last but not least, sprinkle some coloured foil chocolate eggs across the table, they look super sweet and make a great after dinner treat. Even though you’ve sworn several times that you “couldn’t eat another bite”.


But all I do nowadays is watch movies?” No, we aren’t talking about flicking Netflix on whilst you sit on the sofa scrolling through instagram. Movie marathons are for carefully selected films, lots of snacks and your comfiest throw on the sofa. 

Easter Sunday for me always means the classics or a feel good. You may not have little ones at home but don’t write off the children’s films! I will forever maintain that Paddington 1&2 are two of my all time favourite films…

Stuck for ideas? I’ve done the hard work for you. I suggest mixing a few of the feel goods with a classic (or two) for a winning combo. 

List of movies

I hope this helps you all get a little inspired for Easter 2021. Whatever you choose to do, stay safe and healthy and eat chocolate until you physically cannot eat any more. Oh and watch Paddington… 1 and 2…

Guest blog & photography by Proper Lush

Cassie Proper Lush

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