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About Us

Founded in 2015, River & Bear is a Cardiff based marketing agency combining 20 years experience in marketing, PR, social media and event management. We specialise in the PR and marketing of businesses operating in the food, drink and hospitality industries.

We are an agency that understands it is not just about popularity but sustainability of a business and how this can be achieved through worthwhile, shareable content.



About Us

"We specialise in the marketing and promotion of the food & drink, hospitality and entertainment sectors whilst working with some excellent corporate clients along the way.  From chains to independents, we pride ourselves in getting to know you, believing in you and sharing your passion"

Tudor Barber

Company Director

Public Relation Management

Utilise our strong and reliable relationships in the food and drink industry - from critics to peers - to help you create a reputable brand.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Collaborating with like minded businesses can be a hugely successful way to help boost your business and brand image.

Event Management

Hosting large scale events across the UK including multiple restaurant and bar launches, let us promote your event for stellar results.

Welsh Language Translation

As a Cardiff based marketing agency, we have fluent Welsh speakers in-house to help translate your content for your Welsh audience.

Marketing Content Creation

Our in-house content creation team are equipped to provide you with SEO optimised content to help boost your online presence.

Promotional Campaigns

We go beyond traditional PR techniques to help get you seen in a busy industry and  stand out above your competition.

Branding & Graphic Design

Having a relevant and well designed brand image is a huge factor in successful business, don't compromise on quality.

Product Placement

Getting targeted advertisements in place to your specific audience. We help prevent wasted advertisements.

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