Back To School Campaigns We Love

August 16, 2018

As we’re approaching the ‘Back To School Period’, we thought we’d share some campaigns we’ve been enjoying recently. Here’s a selection our team put together:



Ryman Back to School

Ryman have made your shopping experience interactive by implementing a quiz onto their website.

Aldi School Uniform Special Buy Advert

Using the Floss to get some attention we see?


Clarks 60 Tests: That’s The Reason Why

Emphasising the challenges the shoes are put through makes them that more special, right?

Argos TV Advert – Back to School (Backpacks and Laptops)

A lot can happen in six seconds, including kids jumping out of a plane and using their school bags as parachutes. That shows how sturdy they are.


Next School Wear Tested by Terraways – Coats

The kids tested the clothes in this great video!


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