October 12, 2022

With the festive season fast approaching, and Christmas adverts coming in thick and fast. Here are 12 marketing tips we have to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

1. Offer Holiday Incentives

The festive season is an expensive time of the year, so a lot of customers are always looking for cheaper deals and discounts when looking for products. If customers feel as though they are getting a good deal, they are more likely to spend more. This could include discounts, offers, bundles, free shipping etc.

2. Include The Company Logo In Holiday Ads

Having a company logo on the advert and products helps the audience remember the events and associate with the product with the brand. It provides the customers with instant recognition of the brand and grabs the attention of the viewer for the advert.

3. Interactive Marketing

Getting the customers involved in the marketing is a fun way for users to interact with the company, this increases engagement for the business and creates a relationship with the customers. Some ideas are quizzes, surveys, user-generated content, games. Keep ideas Christmassy and fun.

4. Holiday Themed Give Aways On Social Media

This increases brand awareness, get your customers to share your festive posts with a fun hashtag to maximise the reach. This is also fun for customers as they feel they can benefit from this too.

5. Partner With A Good Cause

Christmas is a time for giving and it’s nice to be able to give back to your community and spread a bit of festive cheer and positivity. Customers like to feel connected with the brand and sharing similar values is a driving point for people when they are choosing a brand to buy from. Showing your company is providing environmental or social good is a positive value to have.

6. Holiday Themed Templates For Marketing

Nobody wants to see a boring post around the festive season, as it’s the season to be jolly. Having holiday themed templates for advertising in emails, social media posts and adverts brings a bit of fun to the posts which is visually more attractive and eye catching for the viewer. Try to venture out from the norm and make yours stand out, keeping in line with company colours and themes.

7. Tailor Google Ads

You want your adverts to appear in as many places as possible and be seen by the most people possible. So, by tailoring your google ads to include commonly used festive words, this increases the chances of your ads popping up when these are used.

8. Christmas Dedicated Posts And Blog Posts

Keep your posts positive and full of Christmas cheer. It’s only Christmas once a year so dedicate your seasonal posts to Christmas as everyone loves to hear and read all about it.

9. Pop Up Stalls And Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie, especially at Christmas, so having pop up stalls or giving out freebies to the public is a great way to promote your company, bringing awareness and creating a positive association with the customers. It’s always a great way to introduce customers to your products and giving out freebies or discount codes is a great way to keep them.

10. Create a fun, festive and memorable video

Every company will be using Christmas adverts, so you need to ensure your company stands out and is memorable. Having a fun and festive video is a great way to make people laugh and create a positive persona of your brand and its values. Short videos are also great as you can post them on all sorts of social media as they are easily transferable and also are engaging.

11. Use Influencer Marketing

Seeing a product or place being utilised by someone else, this can increase the chances of customers purchasing as it increases the trust towards the brand. It is known that online personalities can influence buying behaviours, so using them in marketing strategies is a must.

12. Vary Festive Deals

It’s easy for adverts and deals to be lost among all the others so create a variety of offers and deals which grab the attention of customers, for example, flash sales, online only deals, one day only deals. This generates quick action from customers which benefits both themselves and the company.

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