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October 12, 2018

Those were the days when a Facebook Page or Post would reach consumers organically with no need to boost. Unfortunately, the reality is that if your business is not boosting its social media posts and pages, you might as well be speaking to yourself. The organic reach is now as low as 2% according to many industry analysts, whilst some suggest it could be even less. Why is this? The ever-changing algorithms of Facebook.

A 2017 study illustrates that engagement with Facebook Pages has dropped by 20%. In January of this year, 55% of marketers saw a decrease in the organic reach of their pages. In correlation with this decrease, Facebook announced it would change its News Feed so that it would focus on connecting people. Therefore, reducing the number of posts from businesses and the media. In order to remain visible to consumers, businesses must now ‘boost’ posts, thereby paying Facebook for the right to promote.

As a free social media platform, of course Facebook needs to capitalise on businesses wanting to advertise. However, the changes to algorithms have created a huge challenge for businesses and social media managers. Business content is held back in order to increase the amount businesses spend, but also reduce the time that consumers view content that isn’t relevant to them. It’s a win for consumers, but a significant lose for businesses.

Boosted Facebook Posts

What exactly does boosting a facebook post mean? By paying a fee, it allows a company’s Facebook Page to become more visible to consumers. In short, the more money a business puts behind its boosted post, the greater the visibility and so in turn, the greater the number of consumers that will see it in their news feeds.

In order to boost a Facebook post, businesses have to target a specific audience by demographics including: gender, age, location, behaviours and interests. Company’s also have to set a budget and timeframe.

Benefits From Boosting

Whilst the general consensus of the changing algorithms of Facebook are generally negative, most specifically in relation to business and budget, there are some significant benefits from boosting posts.

#1 Businesses can pinpoint their exact target audience.

#2 Make up for the dwindling organic reach.

#3 Increase engagement due to real interest generated from desired consumers.

#4 Highten brand awareness from desired targeted audience.

#5 Improve sales.

If you need help with your boosted posts, or have a Facebook related query, why not get in touch with one of our PR or marketing team members today.


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