Introducing Gen Z

January 12, 2018

Millennials have been all the rage when it comes to discussing the future of marketing and PR. But they’re gradually moving onto the next stage of their life: marriage, kids, saving for a mortgage, etc. So, naturally there’s a generation ready to step into their shoes. They are ready to try new things and bring fresh ideas. Enter Generation Z. Born in the late nineties to the 2010s, they are the generation who have really grown up with technology.

On average, young people in the UK, aged between five and 16, spend three hours online every day.  This has transformed the way they live. So how can brands and businesses utilise them in the next 10-20 years?

Increased Consumption

It’s no secret Gen Z spend more time online than any other generation. It is their consumption keeping tech companies on their toes and encouraging them to move at a faster rate when developing new products.

Social Media

The average teen has 150 followers on any one social media platform, which means these channels have a direct influence on how they both think and feel. These people aged 8-18 allow businesses to creatively connect with a target audience via emotionally-driven social media campaigns.


Oh adverts, when you work you really work, but not many of them do. Many Gen Zers are using ad blocking plugins and those who do sit through adverts are skipping them after three seconds. This means advertisers need to become more creative with their online promotions. This is the only way to prevent them from skipping, keep them entertained.

The Gen Divide

We all know there is a generation divide when it comes to modern technology. Older generations approach newer technology with scepticism, while the younger generations are much more open and embracing of emerging innovations. It seems that tech companies create products and advertise them with younger generations in mind.


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