February 26, 2021

It’s no surprise that the coronavirus pandemic has kickstarted a technology revolution. With businesses unable to continue front-facing customer service and open up shop as normal, there’s never been a better time to bring an online presence up to scratch. Working from home is more prevalent that ever (we say whilst writing these blogs at our kitchen table!) and with companies able to take the downtime to step back and look at what’s needed in their business, the marketing industry has never been busier.

As a marketing agency, here at River & Bear we have noticed a major spark in local businesses and brands looking to up their digital game and ensure they have relevant ways of staying in touch with their customers and clients across all industries.

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With businesses being forced to close their customer facing doors, social platforms are becoming more relevant than ever before. Local brands relying on the quality of their product and word of mouth marketing has sadly been abolished, effectively forcing virtual contact into play.

Take Zoom for example, virtual meetings were barely a thing about a year ago. We love nothing more than taking our clients for a coffee meeting to discuss ideas face to face, but Covid sadly took this from us – enter online meetings! Zoom saw a rise from 10mil daily users in December 2019 to whopping 300mil daily users in Spring 2020. It seemed the internet had an answer for almost everything throughout the past year, despite having little hiccups of everyday life (we’ve certainly had our fair share of Zoom blunders!).

Social media consumption increased by 44% globally throughout the pandemic, with Facebook messenger alone seeing a 50% increased usage. Have we entered a new digital age? I think these stats can answer that question for us.  So… if you’re still not taking your business online, what are you doing?!



Now, of course the pandemic has increased overall social usage and has driven brands to set up digital profiles. However, there’s a difference between using the internet and social media, than really using your digital presence to enhance your brand image and market yourself in the right way.

This being especially crucial for those in the hospitality sector, using online delivery services and communicating new opening hours and service updates to customers… but that’s a discussion for another day.

Relaying your business’ brand image from offline to online can be a tricky transition but can work incredibly well if executed in the right way. Establishing a clear-cut branding profile is crucial and following this through in all content, whether it be your website or an Instagram story. We have seen so many success stories of online businesses being so successful that they are planning on opening a base post-covid. There’s no reason why this can’t work the opposite way, having an equally successful offline and online brand!

This is where we can help, whether you’re after some branding support to help get your image relayed in all forms of your marketing are looking for some all round assistance in your digital presence. After just about a whole year of coronavirus, we can all hope that life is almost returning back to normality. But one thing that is not likely to change in the near future at least, is the now digital aspects of everyday life.

It’s more than likely that your competitors have upped their digital game, so why not join them and overtake? Our team of digital marketers can make things a little easier to digest, following through with a consistent brand image into the online world and creating content that stands out in your niche.  There’s never been a better time to work on your online space.

Get in touch with our team to arrange a meeting (virtual… of course) to discuss your digital space and how we can assist in utilising it to the best of your advantage. After all, it’s what we do!


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