“The Holidays are Coming,”

November 9, 2018

That famous phrase trademarked by the Coca-Cola company many moons ago. At the River & Bear office we’ve been checking the Coca-Cola website daily for the release of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour dates and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones. 

It’s been 23 years since the launch of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, or as they were known in 1995, the “Christmas Caravans.” Since then the Coca-Cola company have been heavily associated with the festive season, the red trucks covered with 30,000 bulbs and a range of special effects (created by the company behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones, we’ll have you know) has a special place in our hearts come the festive season.

But what is it about this red truck and carbonated drink that gets us feeling as festive as Buddy the Elf? It’s an odd concept when we consider the negative connotations that surround the Coca-Cola company the rest of the year or for a drink that is notably better when fresh out of the fridge to become so popular in this cold, winter season.

The method of nostalgia marketing has been credited as a beneficial marketing campaign in the generation of the millennial and nobody does nostalgia marketing better than Coca-Cola. Using the same advert format for over two decades the Coca-Cola marketing tactic juxtaposes fellow festive brand, John Lewis, whose eagerly anticipated advert narrative changes drastically every Christmas.

“Our challenge every year is to take a tradition that is loved by many and bring it to life in new ways that feel fresh and relevant” – Alec Mellor, Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain.

Lest we forget the year of 2016 when the Coca-Cola brand caused public outcry when the famous wink of Father Christmas was removed. 

This year the Coca-Cola advert sees its traditional format and music come to light on our TV screens, but according to Coca-Cola it comes with a twist only visible to “eagle-eyed viewers.” In the year of 2018, Coca-Cola have partnered with The Kingdom Choir, in a campaign called “The Kingdom Choir x Holidays are Coming” with a version downloadable on iTunes from the 9th November.

Coca-Cola have also partnered with LadBible and Snapchat Lens where we can follow the journey of just how Coca-Cola and the Christmas truck became a “UK Cultural Phenomenom.” Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a seasonal drink release, this year Coca-Cola have created the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cinnamon flavour, following a range of fruity and exotic flavours released earlier this year.

So, just why do we keep coming back to Coca-Cola every Christmas? 

Taking into consideration the benefits of a nostalgia based marketing campaign on a millennial majority audience, a top class marketing team and being a part of the $80billion company, there are several factors why we come running back into the arms of Coca-Cola. However, in what is known as the season of giving, Coca-Cola are the good guys, with a remarkable history of corporate social responsibility Coca-Cola is the brand that keeps on giving. Perhaps this connotation is the reason our subconscious pulls us back to the reigns of Coca-Cola every Christmas or perhaps it’s the image of Buddy the Elf gulping down Coca-Cola while slurping down maple syrup covered spaghetti is engraved in our brains. Either way, Coca-Cola, you are the kings of Christmas.

You can find the Coca-Cola trucks on Cardiff’s Queen Street on Sunday the 17th and 18th November from 12pm – 8pm. For other cities, find the tour dates here.

Now to wait and see what John Lewis has to offer…


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