Using Snapchat for Event Marketing

November 19, 2018

In recent years social media has become an absolutely crucial part of the event marketing process. New platforms are constantly appearing catering to your every need but there are a select few that have become staples in our daily routine, especially Snapchat. There are an estimated 200 million monthly users who send around 700 million pictures/videos a day marking it as one of the most influential app’s ever.

Before your Event

The build up to an event is often the most exciting time of the whole event. The more you generate excitement over social media, the more people will show up and document their own experience. Snapchat is the ideal place to start if your intended demographic is millennials as most of them are very active on social media and over 60% of 13-34 year olds have snapchat installed in their smartphones. The use of the story feature allows you to document the beginning stages to the fully set up event, giving your audience a sneak peak of what they can expect.

During your Event

One of the biggest trends snapchat culminated is the geo feature, a graphic overlay for your snapchat that indicates a location or event. People who add them to their snapchats can be grouped together in one ‘story’ to create a visual event memoir. As you mark your event parameters you use technology called geofencing to ensure only people in your selected location can contribute, building a sense of exclusivity associated with your event. Along with the geotags there are also customisable filters and lenses to make your event all that more unique and enjoyable.

After your Event

A great form of feedback is asking your attendees to screenshot their favourite snapchat’s on the event’s story. This way you can see which parts of the event were most popular and it also gives your customers a picture to share. Though snapchat stories only last 24 hours, there is an option to save entire stories and upload them on other platforms. Somewhere like facebook would be ideal as people can tag their friends and the memories of your (hopefully) successful event can stay around forever. Another positive outcome is that you will have a following you can advertise future events to.

Author: Rhiannon De Meulemester


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