Why hospitality staff need a Christmas party too

December 19, 2019

Christmas  is a time to let down your hair, cut loose, don your gaudiest jumper and generally have a wild old time.

Well, for most of us. Spare a thought for the legions of staff working in the hospitality sector. They’re tirelessly pulling pints, mixing cocktails, serving feasts and generally going above and beyond for people during Christmas party season.

What’s it like working in a bar or restaurant at Christmas time?

It can be a testing period, despite all the extra shifts and overtime. “The problem is all the madness blurs into one,” says Tony, a former bar manager from Bristol. “I remember once the lady who wanted to book an ‘Elf’ themed party where they watched Elf, and staff all dressed as elves and served Elf-themed cocktails.”

“I once had a lad in a Rudolph sweater get a bit overexcited and ‘fire up’ something illegal behind the bar. He then got really confused when I asked him to leave,” adds Bernard, a former pub landlord from Bristol. “We also had a lady order a round of gin and cokes – wtf – and a double shot of baileys each for her and her five mates. Baileys is a 50ml standard serve. Despite my advice she was as forthright as she was insistent. You can guess what happened next.”

“Around New Year’s Eve once there was a night that sticks in the memory,” says Amelia, a former bar worker from Cardiff. “Basically, a man ‘disgraced’ himself while sitting alone at his table. For extra comedy points he was wearing a white linen suite. The manager and me had to try and do a speedy clean up while the bouncers took him out. The guy then started chasing one of the bouncers. I was told off by the café manager for chucking the mop and bucket I use. It was a dramatic evening and boded well for the new year.”

When do bar staff have their Christmas parties?

So, if you’re looking for a party to give your staff a post-Christmas knees-up to remember, call in the The Pop-up Bar Hire Co. They can make sure that your Christmas party for bar staff is one to remember, with a fantastic selection of drinks and speedy service.

This means your hardworking team can kick back, relax, and reflect on the busiest time of the year. If you want to give them something truly delicious to eat, well, we’ve got that covered too with a street food contact book that’s unmatchable.

Drop us a line today to enquire about Pop-Up Bar hire for staff Christmas parties.


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